Replica Cartier Juste un clou series of new work

Replica Cartier Jewelry, the French jewelery brand, launches the new collection Replica Cartier Juste un clou, inspired by nails and precious metal to create origami geometry that is both chic and playful.
Originally originated in Europe and China, origami art spread to Japan and became popular in the Edo period. People became the customs of the time by presenting origami works. The new work is named “Aury”, in Japanese is the meaning of folding.
Most Japanese origami has some symbolic meaning. For example, the most popular of paper cranes, it is said that it is an embodiment of hope and can bring happiness and good fortune to those who pray. The new work includes a necklace on the theme of a thousand paper cranes. The simple lines and corners show the outline of origami art. The use of pure precious metal and diamonds gives them gorgeous and sophisticated features.
Another asymmetrical necklace designed on the theme of paper airplane is also very attractive. Two open-plan paper planes framed by a gold necklace, three-dimensional designed to make the work look three-dimensional and modern, this work can be another with the same paper plane inspired by the design of the ring to form a complete match.

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