Replica Cartier Juste un clou series of new work

Replica Cartier Jewelry, the French jewelery brand, launches the new collection Replica Cartier Juste un clou, inspired by nails and precious metal to create origami geometry that is both chic and playful.
Originally originated in Europe and China, origami art spread to Japan and became popular in the Edo period. People became the customs of the time by presenting origami works. The new work is named “Aury”, in Japanese is the meaning of folding.
Most Japanese origami has some symbolic meaning. For example, the most popular of paper cranes, it is said that it is an embodiment of hope and can bring happiness and good fortune to those who pray. The new work includes a necklace on the theme of a thousand paper cranes. The simple lines and corners show the outline of origami art. The use of pure precious metal and diamonds gives them gorgeous and sophisticated features.
Another asymmetrical necklace designed on the theme of paper airplane is also very attractive. Two open-plan paper planes framed by a gold necklace, three-dimensional designed to make the work look three-dimensional and modern, this work can be another with the same paper plane inspired by the design of the ring to form a complete match.

Replica Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Women

Replica Cartier Jewelry

2017 Cartier a micro-film is impressive to you? As the soul of the Cartier cheetah has always been a design inspiration, this group of cheetah rings, brooches and Replica Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet so that the cheetah’s domineering and elegant filling. Full of rings, with a huge leopard first shape. Gold material to build, decorative black paint leopard, onyx leopard nose. Angular geometric lines outline the cheater’s perseverance facial contours, his face is flashing a pair of olivine inlaid leopard eye. This ring is surrounded by finger joints, exquisite workmanship is very impressive.
Paris Cartier, 1944 gold, platinum, rose-shaped diamonds, coral, lapis lazuli, eyes with a round cut sapphire. During World War II, Zhen Dusan and designer Peter Lemarchand decided to create a large number of bird models in the cage. The liberation of Paris, when designed to be the color of the French nation’s birds, was then described as it was pleasantly relaxed and free to fly out of the cage. Full of the king of the temperament of the first leopard, inlaid garden drilling, black paint leopard, eyes inlaid emerald, leopard nose embellished onyx, hanging chain fall tassels. Shake the tide of tassels created by the gold, with the same style 18K gold chain necklace.
Paris Cartier, 1975 gold, with a section of the body, respectively, with 1,023 bright multi-faceted yellow diamonds (60.02 kt) and 1,060 round emeralds (66.86 karats) inlaid, the latter inlaid grinding round cutting ruby ​​eyes, another Mosaic Milling Cut Emerald Eyes Original Collectors: Maria Felix Each crocodile can be worn as a separate brooch. The unique shape of the first leopard ear, a bite your earlobe. 18K gold to create, dotted with black paint leopard, onyx leopard nose. From the olive leopard eye hanging under the hanging section of the fringed. Gorgeous exaggerated style, set off the ears of the bright luster.
Gold, gold, a rounded cut emerald (5.44 kt), round ruby ​​and ten small ruby ​​trapezoidal and half moon diamonds, emerald cut, bright cut, single multi-faceted and long ladder cut diamonds, rose Fancy diamond wings can be shaken. Gold, round emerald and sapphire, bright cut yellow diamonds and close to colorless diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds, rounded cut rubies